Helping Parents Seek Changes to Child Custody and Support Orders

Your divorce settlement or order was based on the facts at the time of your divorce. As your life changes and your children grow, your divorce decree should change to reflect that.

At the Law Offices of Lawrence Pauker in Norristown, we can help you keep your court order up to date by seeking appropriate child custody, visitation and child support modification.

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Modifications to your plan should be considered every few years to accurately reflect the current state of your family. If your family has only undergone minor changes, there should be no need to adjust your plan. However, major changes over time should be legally reflected in your court order to ensure its fairness.

Substantial changes worth taking into account when considering seeking a modification include both financial and emotional ones. Our firm can help you evaluate your situation and apply for a child custody, visitation or child support modification because of:

  • A change in income because due to a promotion, a job loss, change in hours, or retirement
  • A change in expenses required to raise the children, such as additional child care, educational or medical costs
  • Relocation of a parent, with or without the children

Changes to child custody are schedules granted under many circumstances, including when there is evidence that your child's mother or father is an unfit parent. If you believe your child is in jeopardy of serious neglect or harm, however, it is essential to seek a child custody modification.

Our Montgomery County law firm always recommends applying for a court-ordered modification rather than working something out on your own. Your divorce decree or parenting order is a court order, and although you are free to modify it on your own, if not done right may not be binding or enforceable.

It is possible to negotiate your child custody, visitation or child support modification in advance and then petition the court to order the changes you agreed to. When you take action and file for a modification yourself, you put the power in your own hands and are able to negotiate from a position of strength.

A Note about Child Support Modification

Before you decide whether to seek a child support modification, you need to know whether the order you have now is likely to be changed. The support guidelines change relatively frequently. Whether your child turned 18 and should no longer be the subject of a support order, or there has been a substantial change in your income, we can help you understand what to expect.

In addition to handling modifications of court orders, we also help clients with enforcement, including collection of alimony and child support arrears.

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