Child Custody and Visitation Arrangements in Your Children's Best Interest

Our Norristown child custody attorney, Lawrence Pauker, understands the complexity of the Pennsylvania child custody system. He has been providing representation and legal advice to clients in matters related to visitation, custody and support for the last 40 years.

In addition to developing initial custody and support agreements, Attorney Pauker is skilled at filing petitions for modification of custody and support orders. He is creative and experienced in having existing orders enforced when support is not paid in a timely manner or when visitation is denied.

Lawrence Pauker knows that matters related to support and custody are often the most contentious aspects of a divorce. Let him put his extensive knowledge of and experience with the legal system to work for you.

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Custody Orders in Your Child's Best Interests

Custody arrangements can vary significantly depending on the parents' situation and the needs of the children. The trend has been toward an equalization of time between parents in terms of visitation or what is known as joint physical custody.

Other variations on custody include joint legal custody, where the parents share all decisions concerning the welfare of the child. Petitions for partial physical custody or visitation are often needed when the other party is controlling when and how long you see your child for.

In all these custody arrangements, it is critical that an attorney help develop petitions and filings to ensure that your interests and those of your child are fully considered.

Child Custody and Support Do Affect Each Other

Pennsylvania's child support guidelines change every four years. Generally, they are based on the parties' incomes, as defined by income thresholds. In addition, the amount of time the child spends with each parent is considered if over 40 percent of the nights, as well as other aspects of the custody order, such as which parent pays for health insurance and other essentials. Navigating the support guidelines requires the guidance and advice of an experienced child support attorney.

Attorney Pauker provides skilled assistance in all matters related to child custody and child support. In addition, we help develop formal, and legally enforceable visitation schedules for grandparents active in a child's life.

Need to Change or Enforce Your Parenting Order?

When parenting orders are not working or are not being followed, Lawrence Pauker can help you — even if he was not the lawyer who developed the initial order. He will determine the best mechanism to enforce order, which may involve asking the court to schedule a contempt hearing. He also helps parents petition for modification of existing support, custody, and visitation orders when there has been a significant change in circumstances. In all matters, Attorney Pauker is sensitive to parental rights, the needs of the children and the interests of our clients.

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