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A Pennsylvania divorce can be contested or uncontested. In a contested divorce, you and the other party disagree on at least one of the issues. In some contested divorces, the parties disagree on all issues involving children, finances and property.

At the Law Offices of Lawrence Pauker, we can negotiate or litigate a resolution to your contested divorce matters. If you are involved in a dispute regarding child custody, property division or any other matter requiring litigation, talk to our attorney today.

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When a divorce turns acrimonious ― or was bitter from the beginning ― it is wise to choose an experienced trial attorney. Lawrence Pauker has been advocating for the rights of his clients for 40 years. If you are involved in a dispute, attorney Pauker will work vigorously to protect your rights regarding property and any other matter that arises.

  • Contested divorces frequently involve concerns over property division. Our law firm regularly handles complex property division, striving to reach fair and reasonable decisions regarding marital property, marital debts and businesses. We frequently collaborate with professionals who perform business valuations.
  • Child custody disputes are another common area of discord between parties. Whether you are unable to agree on custody and visitation or are concerned about relocation with children, talk to our law firm. We consistently protect the best interests of the children and your parental rights.
  • Domestic violence and false allegations of domestic violence can amplify the power struggles in a divorce. Attorney Pauker serves as the legal advocate you need to ensure the divorce proceeds in a fair, equitable and safe environment.

A divorce decree can be reached through negotiations and litigation. As a trial lawyer, Lawrence Pauker does not hesitate to take your case to trial when negotiations have been exhausted. Above all else, he protects your rights and your future throughout all negotiations and court appearances.

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