Could Alimony Be an Issue in Your Divorce?

During the course of your marriage, you and your spouse developed a certain standard of living. During the divorce process, you and your spouse will reach an agreement, or the court will make a decision, about whether one spouse is unable to maintain that standard of living on his or her own. If so, that "dependent spouse" may be entitled to either temporary or permanent alimony.

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As you go through your divorce, you have immediate and long-term financial concerns. In Pennsylvania, in many cases temporary alimony, known as Alimony Pendente Lite, is available immediately upon your filing, as you work out a long-term spousal support plan.

Available to both men and women, APL (alimony pendente lite) is available from the date the divorce is filed until the date of the divorce decree. Temporary alimony is important because it levels the playing field between the parties as they work on a long-term divorce settlement.

Whether you choose to negotiate a settlement or pursue a divorce decree in litigation, going through a divorce is expensive. APL and temporary alimony helps fund the dependent spouse's ability to get a fair deal and finance the divorce.

In the longer term, permanent alimony may be granted based upon factors such as length of marriage and the earning capacities of the parties.

Property Settlement or Alimony?

In some situations, a divorcing couple may wish to have their attorneys negotiate a property settlement rather than an alimony agreement. Each couple and each situation is different. Montgomery County attorney Lawrence Pauker has 40 years of experience helping people consider the personal, economic and tax consequences presented by each type of scenario.

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