Modifications, Enforcement and Other Post-Divorce Concerns

As your life changes, you want your divorce settlement plan to change with it. There are hundreds of post-divorce issues people face that do not get taken care of properly unless an experienced attorney is helping them understand their options. At the Norristown Law Offices of Lawrence Pauker, we can help you get the post divorce modification you deserve.

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If you think you may be entitled to modifications of a court order, we can help. Sometimes something unexpected goes wrong, and other times one party violates the divorce settlement agreement. For example, alimony should often end upon cohabitation of the receiving party or upon remarriage, but often this is hard to prove. Whatever has happened in your case, our Montgomery County lawyer will help you evaluate your current situation and find a solution.

What if the Issue Was Not Addressed in Your Divorce Settlement?

If the post-divorce issue you currently face was not addressed in your initial settlement, you may have several possible recourses. A violation of a property settlement agreement could be contempt and be considered a violation of a court order. This means that you can enforce it through the court. One common area of dispute is over parental relocations, which often require court intervention.

Filing IRS Taxes After Divorce

An IRS audit can happen to anyone and at any time. It could be years after your divorce before the IRS decides to come after you and your former spouse. After recognizing an error in tax calculation, the IRS could decide you owe several thousand dollars. If you were the innocent spouse in this situation, you want to make sure you are protected.

Many of these cases involve debt that one side has not taken care of properly. From dealing with credit card bills to failing to refinance the mortgage, you should not be held responsible for your ex-spouse's irresponsibility. Our Norristown lawyer can make sure you get the appropriate post-divorce modifications. Even exemption regulations are changing.

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Any post-divorce question should be addressed, as I can help. We can help you determine whether or not you are eligible. Our Montgomery County law offices are open during weekly business hours, and we offer evening and weekend appointments. Contact us today for a initial consultation in Norristown or Ambler.