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In Pennsylvania, divorce can be contested or uncontested. Fault may be an issue, or the situation may not involve fault. An uncontested, no-fault divorce is possible more speedily when you and your spouse know what you want to do regarding child custody, child support, alimony and property division.

At the Law Offices of Lawrence Pauker in Norristown, we can make filing your uncontested divorce easier. We can prepare and process all the necessary documents and obtain a divorce decree on your behalf. We have the experience to handle the process in a streamlined manner and make sure it is done correctly.

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Do you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse agree on how your lives will look after your divorce? If you and the other party have come to an agreement regarding property, finances and issues involving the children, it is likely that you want to move forward with the process as efficiently as possible.

When our clients are interested in an uncontested divorce, Norristown attorney Lawrence Pauker provides knowledgeable legal representation in the appropriate courts. He seeks fair and enduring divorce decrees based on agreements you have reached regarding:

  • Property division: The division of your marital property should consider all marital assets and debts, including benefits and investments.
  • Child support: Child support is designed to meet the children's financial needs in areas of education, health care and well-being.
  • Alimony: Spousal support can be temporary or permanent. It is used to help a dependent spouse maintain his or her standard of living.
  • Child custody and visitation: By reaching a mutual agreement on where your children will live and how much time each parent will spend with them, you are taking an important step toward both parents being an integral part in the children's lives.

Our Montgomery County law firm can provide all necessary document preparation and court representation to help you obtain a divorce decree. It is possible to obtain an uncontested divorce without guidance from a lawyer. However, with help from an experienced attorney, you can feel confident that the decisions you make now will serve you well in the future.

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