Is Domestic Violence an Issue in Your Divorce? We Can Help.

Domestic violence is all too common in divorce cases. While you hope it will never affect your family, you want an experienced attorney protecting your rights if domestic abuse is part of your divorce in any way. At the Norristown Law Offices of Lawrence Pauker, we fight for families in need of a restraining order and those who have been wrongly accused of domestic abuse during their divorce.

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We understand that all parties who have been affected by domestic violence and abuse need to protect themselves. If you need a PFA (Protection from Abuse) order to keep your family safe, we will help you take immediate action. The safety of our clients and their family is our first concern.

At our Norristown law firm, we have also seen parties make false accusations of domestic abuse to gain an unfair advantage in court. If a PFA has been placed against you, you face immediate eviction from your house, and other legal ramifications that can affect your legal and custodial rights. Even if you have done nothing to warrant a PFA in the first place, once an order has been entered against you, you have lost some of your rights.

Recently appointed to the board of directors for the Women's Center here in Norristown, Lawrence Pauker fully understands the devastating effects of family violence. Working for the Women's Center, he advises abused women, helps them file petitions, and makes sure they get the advice and help they need.

Montgomery County PFA Filing

A PFA is essentially a restraining order and one of the strongest remedies under the law because, when it is filed, the police can enforce immediately the eviction for the alleged abuser from the home.

If someone has lied to have a PFA placed against you, they could also lie and say you violated your PFA. While a PFA filing can cause immediate problems, a PFA violation will result in much more serious concerns. If you violate your PFA, you could be arrested and thrown in jail as you await your hearing.

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Domestic violence and accusations of domestic abuse hurt everyone involved. We are here to make sure your family is safe and your rights are protected. Our Montgomery County law offices are open during weekly business hours, and we offer evening and weekend hours by appointment. Contact us today for a initial consultation.