Enforcing Child Custody and Support Orders and Divorce Decrees

A divorce decree is the final court order that declares a marriage over. The decree contains specific, binding court orders incorporating the terms of any agreement into the decree for enforcement purposes. Both parties to a divorce are required by law to comply with the terms of the divorce decree. It is a court order — changes to it or deviation from it cannot be made without the court's permission.

Failure to comply with a divorce decree or court order, such as by not paying child support or not following a child custody order, can lead to a legal judgment against you. The noncompliant party can be held in contempt and have to pay fines or, in rare cases, serve time in jail.

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Enforcement of your divorce decree can involve:

  • Collection of child support arrears
  • Collection of back alimony
  • Enforcement of property settlements or orders
  • Enforcement of child custody and visitation orders

Enforcement of Financial Obligations in Divorce Decrees

Post-divorce issues frequently involve arrears in the payment of child or spousal support. The person responsible for paying support is responsible even under financial hardship or changes in economic circumstances.

Although events such as retirement, job loss or an illness may alter the person's economic situation, until the court has agreed to order a modification to the divorce decree, that person remains responsible for the amount specified in the original order. Modifications may need to be filed when circumstances change such as a child becomes emancipated, the guidelines change, the other parent is making substantially more, or you are making substantially less, or daycare has stopped.

Norristown attorney Lawrence Pauker has been handling divorce, child support and other family law issues in Southeast Pennsylvania for 40 years. As your advocate, he works toward the efficient and favorable resolution of this matter. He has extensive knowledge of the methods that can be used to collect back child support and alimony, such as liens, bank account seizures or how to prevent tax refund seizures if you owe support.

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