Determination of Legal Paternity

A paternity dispute can be complicated and raise questions in a rapidly evolving area of law. In order to do what is best for you and your family, you want a paternity lawyer who understands your concerns and your options. At the Norristown Law Offices of Lawrence Pauker, our attorney has been handling these and other family law cases for the last 40 years.

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The Pennsylvania courts want to uphold justice. They also want to do what is best for the children involved. Today, they continue to struggle with the oft-competing claims of science and responsibility. Estoppel is the legal theory that may prevent the court from recognizing you as the parent, even if DNA proves otherwise.

Different courts make different decisions, as paternity cases require distinctly singular solutions. This debate makes paternity cases very difficult and, as a result, the outcome of these cases rests on a variety of factors. However, the law is in a state of flux in this area, and what stands as a decision today may not stand when it is time for your case. The facts matter.

in Montgomery County, paternity cases often arise when a mother has filed for child support. If the alleged father signs a waiver, he acknowledges his paternity, and from that point forward he is on the hook for child support. If a claim for child support has been raised against you, you want to get a blood test and a paternity test before you agree to anything.

Changing the Paternity System

As the system is in such flux, you could potentially change the way the courts handle these cases. In the right circumstances, your case could alter the common law. You also have to be ready for the system to change while your case develops. Our firm stays up to date on recent trends, and we will be there to help you take on any challenges that come your way.

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