Dividing Marital Debts During Divorce

Most couples accumulate property and assets during marriage. From the family home to vehicles to investments, these property and assets undergo an equitable division.

And in just as many situations, when marriages end, marital debt must also be considered. But how do you go about determining a fair division of marital debt? What if one spouse is responsible for the majority of the debt? At the Law Offices of Lawrence Pauker, in Norristown, we seek fair and reasonable marital debt division on behalf of our clients.

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Pennsylvania is an equitable division state. Marital property, assets and debts are divided in an equitable manner. Marital debt can go beyond credit cards to include medical bills, taxes, mortgage payments, business debts and more. The Law Offices of Lawrence Pauker in Montgomery County focuses on obtaining fair and reasonable decisions regarding property division.

How Is Marital Debt Characterized?

Marital debt will be characterized as separate property or marital property. Generally, if a spouse brings debt into the marriage, that debt will be characterized as separate property, and that spouse will be responsible for the debt. If debt is increased during the marriage due to joint decisions between the spouses, it is generally characterized as marital property.

After 40 years in practice, Attorney Lawrence Pauker can resolve your property disputes in negotiation and litigation. If you and the other party are unable to reach an agreement regarding the division of your property, assets and debts, a judge will decide for you. Our firm strives to resolve contested divorce matters outside the courtroom. However, when negotiations have been exhausted, we take every effort to respond aggressively in court.

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